Recent Reports

Aili Mari Tripp. Women’s Political Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, CPPF Working Papers on Women in Politics: No. 1. 2014. Social Science Research Council.

Tripp, Aili Mari, Catie Lott and Louise Khabure. “Women’s Leadership as a Route to Greater Empowerment: Kenya Case Study” Management Systems International for US Agency for International Development. 2014.

Tripp, Aili Mari.  Women’s Political Empowerment in Statebuilding and Peacebuilding for Department for International Development (UK) and International Development Research Centre (Canada), November 2012.

Myra Marx Ferree (lead author) and Aili Tripp. “NSF Critical Issues White Paper: Gender Analysis and Women’s Rights: A Critical Research Need,” January 2011.